Wednesday, 26 November 2014

So you've heard of pregnancy cravings right? ice cream, chocolate, gherkins? neither creating a beauty blog

So it is currently 18:04pm UK time, just the usual early dark nights sat at work scrolling online to pass the time away.  I am currently 22 weeks pregnant, I cant say I have had any cravings yet and my little bump is so small people barely know im pregnant! While I sit here searching through youtube, instagram and twitter i find that everything i seem to look for goes back to beauty. What new foundation can i try? Oo what is that new beauty advent calender? Since this thought i have had the unusual pregnancy craving of starting my own beauty blog!! Crazy right? So i thought at first! But amongst my friends, family and work colleagues, i realised I am the one they seem to ask for advice on beauty products and all things related. 

Anyhow, that may have been a little long winded on my idea of becoming a blogger, is it just a random pregnancy craze? Can this really work? Well i have 4 months of pregnancy left and during this period my intentions are to review all beauty products for all women and also those soon to be new mums like myself!

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